Joel Nelson, CPT
Lake Zurich, IL

Welcome to my new home page. It will improve as I learn more about this stuff.
I've been a ham since 1963 after my OM, W3PZH, gave me my novice test. I've
been 'radio active' ever since. Presenly I am a retired Piano Technican
and husband to Carla, step-father to two grown children, and grandfather to
3 girls and one boy.

Alpine Piano Service                        - my piano tuning business before I retired
American Radio Relay League         - I'm a life member
Lake County RACES                       - group of hams here that support the local Sheriff
Motorola Amateur Radio Club          - alumni member of this group, for fox hunts, field
                                                               day, and other good stuff
            Motorola Field Day 2008

FindU APRS display                         - this shows the last reported location of my APRS station

Weight Watchers (r)                        - I'm a Lifetime Member want-2-b, and slowly getting there!

Family Pictures                                - Pictures and stuff
Friends Links                                   - Links to friends
Random Pictures                             - Pictures from here and there

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W9NXM hamshack [ex K4JUM]Joel & Carla on RANS Screamer